Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Resurrection Sunday Activities Part 1

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Easter (or rather, Resurrection Sunday as my church calls it) is close at hand.  With young children, especially, I think it's important to teach the meaning of the holiday as it pertains to our faith.  In other words, that they understand early on that it isn't just yet another special day in which they get to gorge on candy and maybe get a toy or two.  So, how do you do that? 

Good question.

Truth is, if I had the answer to that I'd write a book and be on some sort of talk circuit.  I'd have the secret millions of families were yearning to hear!  So, no, I have no answers - only what we've done.  I'll mention the few that seemed to have worked well.

One activity I like to do with my kids are the Resurrection Eggs.  Each colorful plastic egg, numbered 1-12, contains a small token and a verse that helps us to remember Christ's death and resurrection.  We usually hide these and let the kids find them.  Then we sit and ask, "Who has #1?" and then read it aloud and look at the trinket in the egg.  By the time we're done we've gone over the Easter story.  The kids just love having their turn opening their egg to see what's inside!  This has been a great and favorite way of going over this lesson with the kids, especially when they're young.

My kids aren't blind to what's going on in the world.  So, using the colorful plastic eggs helps them associate what they're learning to the holiday that's being advertised all around them.  But, this lesson has a different message than all the bunny, chick, chocolate hype they hear about.  I see it as a neat lesson to draw them back into a lesson about their faith.

This site has a wonderful Resurrection Egg description and instructions on how to put them together.  Our little collection only has 12 eggs.  I think this one has 22.  So, perhaps a more detailed rendition of the history.

Here is another site that only uses 12 eggs.  Again, a great way to discuss the Resurrection story with little ones.

Of course, you can also get these already made through several outlets.  Christian Book Distributor is one of my favorite sites to get Christian and homeschool materials.  Search for "Resurrection Eggs" and you'll find them.  But, I personally got more pleasure out of this project when we made it ourselves.

Then, of course while you're there at CBD.com, you may notice that the DVD of The Passion of the Christ is now listed at $5.99.  Not that I'm a fan of violent movies, but this one is fabulous in its portrayal of the last hours of our Lord's life.  Very moving.  I highly recommend it.


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