Monday, March 28, 2011

Passover is Coming!

Easter is just around the corner - 3 weeks minus one day, to be exact.  Meanwhile, Passover starts at sundown on the 18th, if my calendar is correct.  At our house, while I've never undertaken actually putting together a Seder, we do like to review lessons on Passover before Easter arrives.  After all, they are related events.  Jesus was partaking of the Passover Seder just before he was betrayed and killed.  Lessons on Passover and its meanings give our kids a new depth of understanding of Easter.     
So, today I would like to share with you a couple of resources should you also like to teach your children about the Passover in preparation for Easter.  If you've never learned about the symbolism of the Passover and how it relates to our Christian faith, you're in for a treat.

First, this Passover Lapbook lesson from Homeschool Share is a great, interactive way to learn about the holiday.  It includes the pages for printing and a brief teaching guide.  What you then do is piece together the lapbook while briefly teaching about each item and then have a Passover meal.  Don't worry if you've never done it before - think of it as a living lesson.  You will need to find a Haggadah though.  Everyone participates and each item has meaning.  This is the free Messianic Haggadah that the author recommends. 

Another easy unit study you could do on Passover comes from the Easy Fun School site.  If I were doing this, I would probably study it alongside the lapbook using the lapbook for visual and tactile reinforcement and the EFS study as the "meat" .  And, I would probably allow a week to do the activities between other school subjects.

So, those are just a couple of resources to get your creative juices flowing in anticipation for the upcoming holiday.  Of course, these resources are for kids.  If you've never looked into the meaning of the Passover as it relates to your Christian faith, then I would highly recommend seeing if there's a group putting on a Seder in your area.  I've attended presentations put on by Jews for Jesus in the past and was tremendously blessed by them. 


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