Monday, March 21, 2011


This week I'm going to concentrate on freebies.  Yay!!  How could you not love freebies?! 

What brought this to mind?  Well...looking at our checkbook and seeing that our tax checks have been cashed.  Oy...this year we moved and so had to pay taxes in two different states.  Ouch.  But, its over now.  Still, I feel the need to be extra frugal for the next few months.  And, I'll confess, I rarely pass up things that are free.

So, when it comes to homeschool education, what can we get for free?

Turns out, we can get a lot!

With that in mind, this week I'll be posting about some free resources available for teaching our kids at home.  Really, when you're strapped for cash, if you have a good Internet connection and speed, you can get a plethora of homeschooling information, ideas, and resources for free (or rather, for the cost of paper and your Internet connection.  But, why be technical?)

So first, the most obvious.  Homeschool Freebie has a daily offering of something free for homeschoolers.  I have personally downloaded some very helpful resources from this site - an e-book, a short unit study, and a story.  Check in daily as the offerings are only good for a day or so. 

(P.S.  So....the day I decide to post about the Homeschool Freebie site, they go on spring break.  That's pretty typical of how me and Mr. Murphy Law work out.  We're fast friends.  Still, go check out the site.  They post some great stuff.)

Homeschool Tracker has a free version of their record keeping software available.  Look under the tab that says "The Basic Edition."  I have personally used this software and it works really well.  They also offer a version with more bells and whistles for a reasonable price.

The Teacher Vision website has a lot of printables, lesson plans, and even an educational calendar with connected resources.  There's a lot to see there, people.   Much of it is geared toward classroom teaching but could easily be tweaked for the homeschool environment.  For us teachers/ parents, I especially like the printables, graphic organizers, and lesson plans. 

Last for today, Donna Young's website has tons of free printables to use including attendance forms, chore charts, calendars, handwriting pages, and more.  She really does have a lot there and I've used her freebies many times.  Very helpful to have these available.

Come back again tomorrow to see what I've found for Science freebies!


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