Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Freebie Math

 Today we're talking about Math freebies we can find on the Internet.  Are your kids like mine?  They do just fine with their math curriculum until one day they come to me with the most annoying, whiny, pouty voice they can muster, "I don't wanna do's too haaaaaaard..."  [sigh] 

In reality, it's not that the work is too hard for them, its just boring.  Well, doing the same kind of worksheet and test day after day can get old.  To change things up and give the kids a break from the ordinary, I sometimes let them do their math by reviewing with math games.  Board, card, and dice games are fabulous.  But, sometimes I let them play their review games online.

Here are some of my personal favorite math game websites:

Cool Math at is a site filled with math related games for those familiar with math concepts in pre-algebra on up.  For younger kids, Cool Math 4 Kids at might be a better fit.  It has lessons, games, and activities for kids from 3 to pre-algebra. Algebra lessons at is helpful for reviewing and practicing algebra lessons.  These sites also contain related pages for parents and teachers and a related site that teaches about finances.

Over at you can make up a worksheet or play a math related game.   They are good for practice and a change of pace.  And, there's enough games to choose from that you don't have to stick to one game while you're there.  Worth checking out while you're there are the handwriting worksheets and the science pages.

Then, last but not least, this Sheppard Software site has tons of math review games to play from addition all the way to pre-algebra.  Sometimes I like to reward the kids with game time when I can tell they're getting bogged down or tired of their schoolwork.  Sending them to websites like this is a good way to revive their interest in the subject if even for a little while.


What about good ol' fashioned review worksheets?  Well....

Try the worksheet generator at .  Or, the one at The Math Worksheet Site is really good too.

Well...if I can peel my own kids off the computer long enough, next time I'll talk about freebies for Language Arts.

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